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Toxicity in your body is increased as a result of poor elimination through the colon, liver, kidneys, skin and respiratory tract.  

The liver is the most important detoxification organ in your body and almost everyone needs to undertake cleansing as part of their health care routine.  

Toxicity symptoms can include:



-Feeling sluggish,

-Mucus problems


-Allergy symptoms,

-Aches and pains.  

Cleansing your liver will lead to a renewed sense of wellbeing!

-Liver Flush Drink the ‘remedy’ in place of your normal breakfast for 5 days

-Follow within fifteen minutes with a ‘detox-tea’ or peppermint tea.  

-No food should be eaten for at least one and a half hours after your drink.  

Prepare your liver cleanse drink in the morning.  Liquidise and drink slowly, on an empty stomach.

• 200ml apple juice with a half a lemon squeezed

• 2-3 table spoons of extra virgin olive oil

• 1 piece crushed garlic

• 1piece of fresh ginger

• A pinch or two of cayenne pepper

• Water can be added.

Whilst on the cleanse:

-Drink plenty of water

-Avoid animal proteins, fried foods,alcohol, coffee, sugar and processed foods.

-Reduce stress as much as possible. and try to rest as much as you are able to.  

-Day 2 you could experience detox symptoms now would be a good time to have a Colon Hydrotherapy treatment!

Once completed you can take a days rest and repeat for another 5 days!!

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