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Natural Energy Therapy at Primrose Clinic

A Dynamic Holistic Therapy to transform mental emotional and physical issues

When we are well, our energy flows freely and we feel in good health mentally physically and emotionally.  Stress, grief, hormonal changes or simply fast-paced modern life can create imbalance: our flow of energy becomes disrupted and we can no longer access it fully. Our enthusiasm for life can lessen or we can develop illness or a condition.

Natural Energy Therapy helps restore balance to  ALL the systems of our being, enabling us to connect with our innate inner peace and calm, creating the perfect conditions to heal and move forward.

*Relief from stress injury and back pain

*Find direction confidence, connection

*Improve relationships

*Maintain good health

*Balance hormones - puberty menopause fertility

*Childhood issues - ADHD allergies, bullying stress

*Soothe anxiety

*Boost immune system.

Safe for all ages - adults, babies, children.

Patients remain fully clothed throughout the treatment.

£45 per treatment.

For more information please call Deborah on 07917062822

or email  


Advanced NSH

Fully insured

Taught to the highest professional standards at the Open Pathway College Yeovil.

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